The commercial portrait also known as a headshot should be a professionally produced  image to be used on-line, on a business 
website, used in promotional materials and  for social media profiles. 
The images should be formal whilst also being friendly and approachable.
It is perhaps the first time a future client will see you so it is important to make a good 1st impression with the right headshot.
There a a few types and styles of portraits that are suitable to portray you and your business.
Formal portaits  :
Shirt and tie
business suit/dress. 
Plain backgrounds. 
Formal stance and pose
Informal portraits
A more Causal approach with casual smart clothing and casual stance and pose.
Environmental portaits
These kind of portraits often show the person at work or in a work environment using office or production space as a background.
These 3 styles of portraits can alsobe used together to make personal images to create the look and style you want. 

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